Who We are

AppHouse is a global leader in mobile app and website development. Drawing on a vast pool of talent, resources and technology, the company has achieved ISO certification and employs a team of highly-skilled, dedicated workers.

What sets us apart is our unending commitment to customer-satisfaction, and an unrelenting drive to excel. It’s this passion for excellence which has helped us cultivate a successful history of digital solutions for every level companies, with utility-based software designed for a wide range of technologies.

In our decade-long history, AppHouse has risen to meet the challenges of modern technology, dominating the digital landscape through its tireless devotion to customers, and its unwavering dedication to quality products.


Experience Matters

AppHouse has firmly established itself in the world of IT solutions through a history of successful projects, working alongside our international partners to solve the challenges of modern technology facing businesses everywhere.
While we specialise in IT, our digital reach extends much further.  AppHouse is also a leading mobile app development company. 

Over the years we’ve helped clients adapt to new technologies, built personalised software that works across all major platforms, marketed their brand to global audiences, and accelerated their growth and earnings potential by streamlining operations.

AppHouse is also committed to improving itself.  We’re never satisfied with being great at what we do—we’re driven to be the best.  That’s why we constantly innovate and improve our products and services.  Whether it’s E-commerce, web design, app development or digital marketing, AppHouse’s team of designers and engineers tirelessly pursue perfection.

There’s a reason why clients keep coming back to us.  We don’t make promises.  We produce results.